Boundless Multi–Services Solutions Nig. Ltd is a Real Estate and Project Management company with primary commitment in land/property development, real estate investment and brokerage services.

Welcome to Boundless Multi – Services Solution Nig. Ltd!

Boundless Business Consultants Program (BBCP)

Boundless Multi–Services Solutions Nig. Ltd is a Real Estate and Project Management company with a primary commitment to land/property development and real estate investment.

Our interest to offer excellent services in the real estate industry is second to none as we provide professional and flexible service to our streams of customers both in Nigeria and outside the country.

As a company focused on providing services to enhance comfort and luxury to our esteemed clients and also create a better environment for employees’ multitasking ability, we recently launched our logistics company.

With the unemployment rate in Nigerian hitting an all-time high 53.40% in the 4th quarter of 2020 and thousands rendered jobless due to Covid-19, The Boundless Business Consultancy Program is specially designed to put an end to unemployment through a freelance format that allows participants earn as much as 10% on each sale as employed staff of the Boundless Group irrespective of their location in the world. 

With an opportunity to earn up to 100k weekly while working 100% offsite, and a further opportunity to earn override on each registered staff referred by you, the Boundless Business Consultancy Program avails Nigerians in and outside the country the opportunity earn as employed staff of the Boundless Group while also having the luxury of time to attend to other necessities.

Are you unemployed? Are you employed but searching for a passive income avenue to cushion your financial efforts? Search no further, by clicking on the link, you get to represent the Boundless Group irrespective of your location on the map, earning all the way……..


Our products are designed in a way that caters for all categories of human and allows for ability to choose the most suitable product to go for. Our products are categorized into 2 namely:

  • Boundless Land Sales
  • Boundless Investment scheme

Land Sales

This is majorly our land product which avails our various clients with the opportunity of picking their locations and subscribing to it with option of paying once or within 6months to 12months.

Process of Land Subscription

After picking the desired location, a client is expected to do the following:

  • Fill our land subscription form and credit the company’s account
  • After payment, a client will get an offer letter stating location picked, amount, allocation fee (N50,000) and documentation fee (7% of the land price)
  • To every payment made there is evidence of payment (receipt) which the client gets.
  • Once a client pays the land price, allocation and documentation fee, they get acknowledgment of payment letter and estate covenant (land purchase agreement). 

Boundless Investment Scheme

Our investment product category has 5 types of investment products. It is a real estate investment where all capital invested is solely used for real estate purposes. Our investment plan is subdivided into the following:

  • Boundless Diamond Basic: this is an investment of 6months duration with 15% ROI on the investment of N100,000 and above
  • Boundless Diamond Specialty: an investment of 12 months duration with 35% ROI on the investment of N100,000 and above.
  • Boundless Diamond Executive: an investment of 24 months duration with 70% ROI on the investment of N100,000 and above.

Process of Investing with Boundless Multi – Services Solution Nig. Ltd.

After a prospective client has decided on which investment plans, he/she want to subscribe to, such investor is expected to:

  • Fill in our company’s information or provide details to which the form can be filled.
  • Credit the company’s account only and relate info with the account officer for payment confirmation.
  • A post-dated cheque would be issued in the client’s name together with a deed of agreement to be sent to the client.
  • An investor is expected to duly acknowledge one out of the two documents sent and returned to the company.


Boundless Multi-Services Solution Nig. Ltd is a company that reward all our employees appropriately. As a sales company, we operate a commission-based payment structure. To this effect, the following are obtainable:

  • 10% on land sales
  • 4% on investment sales.

Annually, the company reward high performing associate all through calendar year.


For more information on our products and how it works, kindly se the orientation video!