Boundless Multi–Services Solutions Nig. Ltd is a Real Estate and Project Management company with primary commitment in land/property development, real estate investment and brokerage services.

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People Development and Empowerment

Our business is designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and communities to enable them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority.

The process is to help them in becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their lives and claiming their rights.

Our job ensures the process of self-empowerment and to professionally support people, which enables them to overcome their sense of powerlessness and lack of influence and to recognize and use their resources.

To do work with power. Our job is to address the issue of promoting the empowerment of people in achieving poverty eradication, social integration, and full employment and decent work for all.  Empowerment is a key means to achieving sustainable development and other vital goals.  But it also has a value in and of itself, the goal of ensuring that people have the opportunities they need to live better lives in dignity and security.

We develop our business executives towards achieving business success by providing an appropriate environment for their business and also equip them to increase productivity. We empower through training, skills acquisition, job creation, and business empowerment

Feasibility & Viability Studies

This is a prerequisite to sustainable real estate development, it provides a policy and evidence base upon which projects are subsequently designed and delivered. The feasibility stage provides the opportunity to robustly investigate means to deliver optimum property solutions.

Boundless Multi-services Solutions Nigeria Limited can make a difference and drive changes by providing you with innovative feasibility and viability studies for your real estate investment projects.


Site and Services Schemes

Here at Boundless Multi-services Solutions Nigeria Limited, we are committed to supporting real estate site and services schemes with various infrastructure innovations. We evaluate the design in compliance with zoning ordinances, set back requirements, and architectural design guidelines required by the local municipality. All these are aimed towards achieving viable and sustainable real estate developments.

We also investigate all feasible construction sites and equally source project sites that are suitable for real estate development before embarking on on-site and services activities.


Real Estate Joint Venture

Are you looking for a real estate investment deal? Do you have a viable real estate project without the needed capital?

Boundless Multi-services Solutions Nigeria Limited can help facilitate your real estate joint venture need. We are known for excellence and innovation in real estate joint venture transactions. From structuring a real estate joint venture to drafting a joint venture agreement.

BOUNDLESS will help you through the process of ensuring that your real estate project becomes a thing of joy and reality.

Real Estate Brokerage/Agency

We specialize in the selling and letting of all types, forms, and sizes of real estate, from a block of flats to detached houses, from terraces to townhouses, from industrial properties to Agric land, Boundless Multi-services Solutions Nigeria Limited is the company of choice for anything property sales, lettings, and management.

BMSSNL has greater strength for Estate Agency service, we have a great reputation for transparency in property matters. Our team of professionals can guarantee;

  • Personal service tailored to your needs
  • Dynamic marketing options
  • Local knowledge
  • Honest valuations
  • Proactive communication
  • Trustworthiness and integrity from start to finish.

Real Estate Sales and Developments

Boundless Multi-services Solutions Nigeria Limited provides land for sales within and Estate form and also render development services to our clients and partners, coordinating the financing, planning, design, and construction of Estates and large-scale real estate projects. We sell land, develop it by putting infrastructures in place, and then manage it as a fully developed Estate.


We are equipped with strategies and innovations that continue to aid our support for real estate development, we boast of architects, engineers, financing partners, legal, third party consultants, etc. who continue to guide us in project execution finance, development, and design choices to build properties that have strong financial performance, provides an attractive asset to the community and has longevity in the market.

Management Consulting

We develop business executives towards achieving business success by providing an appropriate environment for their business and also equip them to increase productivity.

We also give expert management advice for startups and organizations having issues with management. We help solve issues, create value, maximize growth, and improve business performance. Our expert Management advisory services help organizations develop any specialist skills they may be lacking. So our work can be captioned as SSMO

  1. S Strategy
  2. S Structure
  3. M Management
  4. O Operations

Enterprise Development

We can work with you on your real estate initiatives as we have the pedigree to do this. We have people with deep knowledge, skills, and extensive experience in various areas of real estate that can help you in Development Conception, Designing & Building. We render advisory services to our investors on real estate investment to enhance success in their business ventures.

Project Management

BMSSNL’s approach to project management involves exploring every detail of a project to uncover how we can maximize the financial and physical strength of your development strategy. Each client is matched with a personal project manager that guide, coordinate, and works in close relationship with you and your staff throughout the process.

Here at Boundless Multi-services Solutions Nigeria Limited, you are not just a “project,” but rather a valued client that we endeavor to work with and support in all of your development efforts for years to come. Relationships are our strength.

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